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Line Rental & Features

Our Line Rental is cheaper than the BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk standard monthly price. Pay annually and it gets even cheaper.

At just £12.50 a month, Auracall Line Rental is less than the BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk standard monthly price. What's more, unlike BT, we don't charge you an extra £2 if you make no calls.

Save even more with our Line Rental Saver. It's the equivalent of £9.99 a month when you make one debit/credit card payment for the whole year. You would save £65 compared to paying BT's standard line rental rate of £15.45 a month.

To see how we compare to BT, Sky, Virgin Media and Talk Talk on Line Rental please click here.

Free features included with Line Rental

141 Number Withhold

Auracall 1471

Auracall Voicemail 1571

Add extra line features (Choose 2-4 for £5.60 or Choose 5-7 for £7.95)

You can choose one of the following line features or for more discount choose two or more.

Choose as many of the following features as you wish.


Call Waiting


Call Barring


Call Divert


Caller Display


Anonymous Caller Reject


Choose to refuse



Choose 1


+ line rental
Choose 2-4


+ line rental
Choose 5-7


+ line rental

If you require a new or second line installed please contact us now on 0800 651 0055. Our friendly customer service team can help you switch to Auracall whatever your situation.

  • Standard Line Rental for landlines. Currently £12.50 a month with Direct Debit or monthly Debit/credit card. There's a 12 month minimum term and connection charges may apply.
  • Call Diversion - The diverted part of the call is charged to the renter of the service at standard dialled rates; calling customers pay the call charge only to the number dialled.
  • Caller Display - Caller Display cannot disclose the number if it's withheld, unavailable, from a payphone, some switchboards or a non-BT network. Requires a compatible phone.
  • Call Minder - £3.15 a month. Call Minder cannot identify a number if it's withheld or unavailable. Some social/burglar alarm equipment may not be compatible (check with your supplier).
  • Anonymous Call Reject - Anonymous Call Reject will not bar incoming calls when the number is unavailable.
  • Connection charges - Connection charge and engineer visits – A charge may apply for new lines or where an engineer visit is required. Please call customer support for prices.
  • Please note that if taking just Line Rental, your call plan will default to Standard UK Call Plan and Standard International Cost. Please see the UK Call Plans and International Call Plans for details.